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Continuous heavy rainfall since May 13th has led to massive floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is considered too be the worst in almost 120 years. Approximately one third of the country is submerged, mostly on the eastern side, and according to the government more than a million of its population has been affected by this disaster. Main roads and routes have been cut off which in turn led to electricity blackouts in some regions.

Floods have also caused almost 300 landslides that have buried thousands of houses and vehicles. This in turn hampers and creates difficulties in delivering supplies and aid efforts in the affected areas, especially in the more remote and rural regions. Occurrences of landslides also bring mortal risks in reference to previously identified landmines which have shifted locations due to landslides. Landmines signs also could have potentially been washed away by the water currents or submerged underneath the rubble as a result of the landslide. The Bosnian government has declared a state of emergency and requests for international humanitarian aid in order to assist the victims that have been impacted by this natural disaster.

The majority of the areas that have been affected are agricultural and farming regions in rural areas. The farming sector has been the most harshly impacted by this incident.

The most immediate requirements at the moment come in the form of emergency rations such as food and hygiene packs that can be distributed.
Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing despite challenging conditions such as destroyed roads and other infrastructures. Certain areas can only be accessed using either boat or via helicopter.

The MRA network has arranged a meeting with officials from the Bosnian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on the 20th of May which was headed by T. Hj. Khairil Annuar. The meeting lasted for almost two hours and Tarik Burvic, the Bosnian ambassador to Malaysia, thanked the MRA for their sympathy and awareness of the situation. Among some of the outcomes concluded from the meeting was that there has not been any NGOs in Malaysia which have reached out to the ambassador to discuss any aid efforts for Bosnia. The Bosnian embassy has no objections with the MRA to cooperate with any NGOs in aiding the flood victims. The official donation for the Bosnian flood victims is through the Red Cross. The MRA also reached out to the Bosnian alumni association in UIA, whom are currently mobilising relief efforts.

The emergency aid division and logistics suggest that Exco consider the need to assist in Bosnia and establish a flood fund.

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