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The MRA has closely followed the developments that are taking place in Cairo, Egypt. The MRA hopes that the situation will slowly revert back to a peaceful environment.
Several parties have contacted the MRA in order to participate in providing assistance especially towards students that are living in conditions of fear and trauma. The president of the MRA has personally departed to survey on ground to scrutinise in detail the problems that are faced by students as well as Malaysian nationals there.
Among some of the needed assistance that have been identified are as follows:

  • Counselling for coping with fear and trauma.
 It has been reported that several students have experienced fear and trauma as a result of robbery, sounds of weapons being fired and the overall violence that have taken place. Parties from the MRA have identified several counsellors which are experienced in proving counselling services.

  • Food assistance.
It has also been reported that food supplies around Cairo are severely depleted and prices are at a high level. The MRA has identified several sources to ensure food sources for Malaysian students are substantial.

  • Coordination with various parties.
The MRA will establish a temporary secretariat to facilitate communications and coordination between all involved parties primarily caretakers, Malaysian embassy officials, Egyptian officers in Cairo as well as the various involved agencies.




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