Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)
​Hj. Khairil Annuar Khalid
7 September 2017

1. Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) cursed out loud Myanmar government leads by Aung San Suu Kyi continuously doing the humanity criminals and human rights violations thorough military operations massively in Arakan Territory, Myanmar since August.

2. Through UN statistics, near 120,000 refugees from Rohingya ethnic has escaped to Myanmar-Bangladesh border because to saving their lives.They have no place to live because their home and village have been burned and their property was seized. At the same time, 400,000 refugees will have bad humanity crisis caused disebabkan trapped in the conflict zone in northern Arakan region due to the ongoing military operations by the Myanmar Army.

3.The situation became even more tense when the business tens of thousands of these refugees to enter the neighboring country of Bangladesh are inaccessible due to the strict control of the military in border Bangladesh. Thus, their situation is largely made up of women, children and elderly people become desperate due to lack of food and basic needs of others.

4. MRA wants to express its appreciation to the Malaysian government to accept Rohingya refugees who have entered through the waters. Through monitoring of the UNHCR, almost 60,000 registered Rohingya refugees currently in Malaysia. MRA was among the first humanitarian organization to enter into the land of Arakan, after the outbreak of the bloody conflict between ethnic groups. MRA has sent food aid, build water wells in camps, providing education assistance and also medicines worth RM 2,000,000 donated by Malaysians.

5. MRA continues to fight for the fate of Rohingya in Malaysia to operate a special school for Rohingya refugees children called  Rohingya Community School (RCS), which is located in Kg Cheras Baru, Cheras. Here, the Rohingya children are provided with knowledge and religious education so that they formed a generation of knowledgeable, have identity and noble character.

6. For the sake of solidarity with the oppressed Rohingya community, the MRA: -

a. Called on the UN, OIC and ASEAN to act ith any way to end immediately the campaign of ethnic cleansing in Arakan.

b. Envoy urges Myanmar Ambassador to Malaysia or their diplomatic representatives immediately explain to the Malaysian government about the situation in Arakan and concrete preventive measures to be taken by Myanmar governments  in Yangon to ensure that campaigns of ethnic cleansing be stopped.

c. Allowing the humanitarian aid by international and local humanitarian organizations immediately to help all Rohingya refugees who need help.

d. A collaboration with the government of Bangladesh in border areas and temporary camps in Bangladesh to bring in the necessary humanitarian assistance and international financial resources to assist the refugees.

7.MRA will continue "Rohingya Humanitarian Relief Fund" with the aim of financial assistance amounting to RM 1 million in emergency relief, medical and long-term assistance. Malaysians who wish to contribute, you can do so through Maybank account 5640 9820 6365 in the name of the Malaysian Relief Agency or contact our MRA secretariat in numbers 03-9174 4672 / 013-337 1672 or visit our website

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