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The failure of the Myanmar Government in handling the internal conflict is extremely concerning. Responses and approaches used in handling the issue of the Rohingyas settling in Arakan clearly indicates an ambivalent and inconsistent stance towards the subject matter. The act of looking the other way towards the violence instigated by Rakhine nationals, supported by the local government, grows increasingly violent and inhumane. Ongoing killings and oppression supported by the Myanmar Government will cause spill over effects in the form of Rohingya refugees moving to neighbouring counties like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Entry blockades of humanitarian assistance in the form of medical aids, various non-food items (NFI), and food items (FI) is extremely troubling and is a clear violation of human rights for the Rohingyas that continue to face increasing oppression. It almost appears to be a planned effort to continue to ensure that the Rohingyas are driven out from Arakan and to guarantee that they do not return.

Recent developments indicate that the Maung Daw area in northern Arakan has fallen victim to the greed of the Junta tribe. Sixteen villages have been demolished in the aforementioned areas which in turn has caused 30,000 Rohinyas to flee. Some have been forced to live in the middle of paddy fields out in the open without any form of protection from the elements. This is further complicated by the changing of seasons and the onset of winter that is coming soon. They are unable to move anywhere to save their own livelihoods. The Bangladesh border has already been closed off, and travelling by sea is life threatening.
MRA has arranged some appropriate measures to send aid in the form of food and non-food assistance (FI & NFI) to identified areas that have a high number of internally identified persons (IDPs).

The MRA has been involved with various projects assisting Rohingya refugees for a while, and even have a operational office located in Rangoon, Myanmar, the MRA has also opened a primary school that houses Rohingya students in Cheras Baru, Kuala Lumpur since 2010. We have also conducted medical and dental examinations for the Rohingya community from time to time. We have also provided medical assistance for Rohingya refugees whom are in immigration holding camps, primarily those in the northern state of Malaysia. We have also worked in conjunction with parties from the UNHCR as well as various agencies and humanitarian organizations from inside and outside the country with regards to the Rohingya refugee issue.

To ensure that humanitarian aid can be channelled to the refugees we plead to your support, especially to those are able to contribute to the cause, and donate to the “TABUNG KEMANUSIAAN ROHINYA” (Rohingya Humanitarian Charity) in which our account details are outlined below.

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