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MRA had adopted 5 Orang Asli villages with different ethnicity mainly in the District of Ulu Slim River, Perak. There are 7 villages namely Pos Bersih 1; Pos Bersih 2; Pos Bersih 3; Gesau; Pos Kedin; Pos Tibang and Pos Tenau (ethnic Semai). Kg. Batu Balong in the District of Raub, Pahang (ethnic Temiar), Kampong Sungai Songkok in the district of Batang Kali, Selangor (ethnic Temiar),Kampong Pos Slim in the district of Slim River, Perak (ethnic Semai) and KampungUlu Legong in the district of Baling, Kedah (ethnic Kensui).

MRA started working with the Orang Asli since 2010. MRA takes this opportunity to work with this community as a responsibility to provide service to this target group. Besides delivering basic aid, social service programme and training is also done at the villages of the Orang Asli so that we can create a sense of belonging, bonding and brotherhood between the volunteers and the Orang Asli community.

MRA will also strive to create working relationship with the corporate like TNB to deliver electricity supply to a few Orang Asli villages and also to get sponsorship to build community halls for the community general use.
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