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Pakistan has experienced the worst floods in 80 years since July 2010. The UN has estimated that more than two million houses has been submerged in water or drifted away. Six out of twenty million northern Pakistani citizens that were affected lack food shortages, shelter and clean water supply. The scale of destruction is so large that the Pakistan Government has been compelled to seek assistance from the international community to handle the natural disaster.

Flood victims not only lost a shelter but also valuable property such as crops and livestock. Children face severe cold and hunger, as well as life threatening infectious diseases. These conditions are expected to escalate in the coming winter season.

The MRA in cooperation with local NGOs in Pakistan, the Islamic Relief Agency (IsRA) and the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) have assisted flood victims by sending medical and emergency packages. The MRA operates in two of the areas heavily affected by the floods, Nowshera and Charsadda, located in the North West Frontier Province.

The MRA has sent emergency teams to survey the areas and monitor the conditions of the flood victims there. Materials that are of need include shelter materials such as canvases, blankets, clothing, kitchen utensils, food, hygiene kits and medicine.




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