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  Ever since the violent inhumane attacks by Zionist Israel on Gaza since July 2014, it has reported that as much as 1,975 Palestinians have been killed and almost 10,000 injured, most of which are critical. According to acquired records, it has been estimated that as much as 8,832 houses have been eviscerated and as much as 7,960 houses are severely damaged and uninhabitable. Moreover, as much as 7,960 houses are partially destroyed and habitable to an extent; 33,625 face light damages.

Apart from housing damages, 153 schools and 186 public facilities have been damaged and destroyed. 35 ambulances, 50 fishing boats and 200 normal boats can no longer be used. 161 mosques have been wrecked, in which 41 of them were completely destroyed. Clean water supplies, as well as electrical supplies have been severely affected and demolished.

Impacts from the attacks on Gaza have led to almost the entirety of Gaza population to face food shortages, further complicated by steep inflation of prices. This is in part due to the destruction of crops and livestock.

As a start, the MRA will equip 2 ambulances. Moreover the MRA hopes to continue with the kitchen programme and provide clean water, especially water used for drinking and other domestic purposes. Apart from that medicine and medical equipment will also be supplied. It is estimated that more than 520,000 citizens have lost their houses and require basic food assistance. As a preparation for the winter season, the MRA will identify essential materials needed to be distributed among the people.

A MRA operating office will be opened in Cairo for coordinating work efforts to send assistance to Palestine, primarily in Gaza. Two MRA officers will depart to Cairo at 3.25am on the 20th of August for this purpose. The Arab Medical Union (AMU) located in Cairo will be the field partner. The MRA continues to work with field partners in Gaza. In 2013 five doctors from hospitals around Gaza were brought to Malaysia by the MRA to receive training at HUKM.

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