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         Haiyan Typhoon, also known as Yolanda Typhoon by the locals had hit central Philippines on Friday, 8th November 2013. The typhoons speed was 235mph and areas affected most were Cebu Island, Samar Island, and Leyte Island. Its aftermath was devastating, leaving 600 000 affected lives and estimated of 1200 casualties. The number of casualties was expected to be higher and could reach up until 10,000 death.  
           The typhoon hit six of the central Philippines provinces, with Tacloban City in Leyte Island experienced the worst devastation of all. At least, 118 was confirmed to be dead. Few other provinces were reported to experience severe infrastructure damage. This further hindering aid delivery to affected areas. Shortage of basic needs such as water, foods, and shelter had made life more difficult for the victims, with most of them reported of being traumatized and shocked by the incident.  
           In response to the disaster, on 12th November 2013 MRA had sent a team to Cebu Island for immediate aid delivery. The team sent managed and deliver emergency aid to all victims at relief site. We make sure that every single donation that Malaysian donated through MRA reached its target, victims of the typhoon. Most of the aids given are food, water, and medical care. 
             We too had allocated RM 50,000 Ringgit as an emergency fund during early stages of the mission. The money was used to initiate the mission and to ensure efficient aid delivery to the affected area. The public was encouraged to donate more, be it monetary or provisions. It will help MRA in ensuring more aid can be given to the less fortunate victims of Haiyan typhoon.  
           MRA too had helped the victims rebuilt their lives over the course of these few years, by providing assistance periodically, post-disaster. We helped communities in Hadyana, Cebu Island rebuild their house and provide vocational classes. The vocational classes were provided with the hope that they would acquire life- sustaining skills, such as sewing and making local snacks. The target were women of the community, to allow them to be more proactive and financially independent.
          The community we helped in Hadyana, Cebu has a significant number of Muslims as their member. The typhoon had significantly damaged their mosque that plays an important role, not only as worship house but also as a community centre to them. Their mosque was rebuilt by us with the assistance from the member of the community.

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