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Somalia is one of the five poorest countries in the world with a ten million population, 99 percent of which are Muslim.

Ongoing civil war which has lasted 30 years have led to the country no longer being able to cope without external assistance.

It was estimated that on the third quarter of 2011, as much as 4 million of its population became refugees, most of them in southern Somalia. Impacts of ongoing droughts have caused 750,000 people to suffer from starvation.

In mid-August of 2011, MRA established the Somalia humanitarian charity with cooperation with the Kumpulan Utusan (M) Berhad. After one week since its inception the charity managed to generate more than RM100,000.00 from contributions to assist Somalians.

In order to fulfil the pledge the MRA sent a survey team headed by Sdr. Shahrulazilan, the executive director, alongside Sdr. Sayid Abdulle. The mission was to focus on establishing a relationship with government officials, network with NGOs, select a location to operate from, and coordinate as well as implement emergency assistance.

On September of 2011 the MRA sent one more team accompanied by Mohd. Iqbal, Tn. Hj. Hani, and Sdr. Iyadz. The purpose of the mission was to take over from the first team and conduct research, coordination and suggest suitable programs and consecutively implement approved programs that have been approved by the secretariat.

After consulting with various parties and after taking into consideration safety issues, the MRA opened an office in the Garowe; a three room house with cement walls fully equipped with water and electricity with a monthly rent of USD400.




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