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The struggle that has enveloped Syria grows increasingly worse by the day. The number of the Syrian population that have become refugees increase steadily. According to the data by international census body the UNHCR, the number of Syrian refugees in Egypt amount to 107,112, whereas in Turkey the number reaches up to 433,971. In Iraq 760,997, Lebanon 677,965 and Jordan 515,824 respectively. The number of refugees located on the border lines are also expected to continuously increase and cause a humanitarian crisis due to a lack of sources and capacity in terms of food shortages as well as a lack of medical facilities, especially for women, children and the eldery. The MRA EXCO meeting has adopted a stance to become involved and open a Syrian humanitarian charity in order to alleviate the burdens faced by refugees that have fled from the conflict that has ravaged their country.

The MRA has identified necessities and assistances that will be distributed to the refugees; a survey team headed by the vice president of the MRA, Dr. Ishak Mas’ud has left in order to gain a clearer on site understanding of the actual situation faced by refugees that are at the border of the neighbouring countries. The MRA has also conducted discussions with various organisations outside the country in order to gain a response with regards to assistance that can later be channelled to refugees at the border.

After taking into consideration all obtained information based on the observations as well as discussion with various parties, the MRA has decided to focus assistance

towards three main avenues which are as follows:
  • Emergency assistance for refugee families.
The MRA will assist refugee families that have arrived from Syria in order to start anew in the relocation areas prepared. Basic food assistances such as rice, flour, oil and sugar, among other, will be distributed to those whom have just newly arrived. Other assistances include cooking materials, tents, floor coverings, buckets, personal hygiene materials (soaps, toothbrushes, towels) will also be provided according to each families’ requirements.
  • Post medical care for injured victims
The MRA will also provide a medical team that will be responsible for providing        post medical care for refugees whom have been severely injured or ill as a               result of their journey to the border. Post care will be conducted from houses          of the identified patients. This is in part due to the fact that the available  
hospitals do not have the capacity to handle the sheer amount of patients in
the wards.
  • Assistance of medical equipment got mobile hospitals.
The MRA will also help send medical equipment needed mobile hospitals in Syria. Many Syrians whom are ill and severely injured are unable to flee to the border and are thus caught up in the conflict between the involved parties. Thus the MRA will help prepare and provide equipment that can enable them to gain access to basic treatment without having to visit a hospital.
It should be noted that the MRA staff are experienced in humanitarian work in several conflict ridden areas such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It is because of this that we understand the demand and need to respond swiftly and in a neutral manner that is not partial to any of the involved parties included in the ongoing conflict. The aid mission that we will implement is a humanitarian mission that is not involved in any ulterior agenda. The MRA takes this opportunity to call to action compassionate Malaysians to come forward and extend a helping hand to alleviate the burdens of the Syrian refugees, whom did not ask to be placed in such a harsh situation and remains to serve as a test given by Allah unto them. It is therefore up to those of us whom are living in peaceful conditions to appreciate the luxury we own today.

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