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Ongoing conflict has caused increasing sufferings faced by the people of Yemen. Ever since the start of the conflict on March 2015, the death tolls has escalated to almost 4,900, whereas those who are injured have amounted to more than 24,950 individuals. More than 80 percent of the population, around 26 million people, have been severely impacted by the violent conflict and are in dire need of assistance. They are living in harsh conditions in which access to crucial materials are extremely difficult. Food and electric aid, as well as a clean water supply, medical supplies and access to medical treatment, and petrol are some examples.    
To date, assistance more than RM330,000 has been channelled by the MRA and its networks in Yemen in the form of clean water supplies as much as 72 water trucks, each with a capacity of 400 litres to 14 villages in the cities of Sanaa, Taiz and Aden. In addition, basic food materials such as rice, flour and cooking oil, sugar, red beans, dates and various canned food have also been distributed. The MRA aims to equip eight water trucks every month for every village.

Apart from continuously supplying clean water and various basic food materials, the MRA is planning to send out medical equipment and medicine. To date, the health crisis is extremely concerning where depleting medical supplies have dwindled to almost nothing. It is due to this that many hospitals have stopped providing blood transfusions. Apart from this, the coming winter months have also led to the need of winter garments crucial for victims.
Any and all of these planned projects can only be execut
ed if the contribution received are enough and continue to come in. Thus we appeal to everyone to extend a hand to the cause and provide a donation to help those in Yemen who are in dire need of assistance at this moment.


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