What’s happening in Palestine: Short Timeline

Do you really know what’s going on in Palestine right now? What’s the real cause of all of the chaotic situations happen, who’s the one who started the fights, and who’s the real victims and villains? Let’s start with a short introduction of the relations between Palestine and Israel. Palestine is a small region of land with two sections which is an independent Jewish state and an independent Arab state. In 1948, the state of Israel was proclaimed and founded in Palestine. Israel claimed that Palestine is their land while it is not and the contentious between the Israel and Palestine happen until now.

Let us go through the timeline of what’s really happening in Palestine lately. It begins with the issues of Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in the occupied in Jerusalem when the Israeli settlers started to steal the Palestinians’ homes. The evictions happened since 1948 until present day. So, the Palestinians protested peacefully for their rights in a non-violence manner but the Israelis attacked them back using violence by arresting them and spraying them with skunk water (a liquid compound with an overpowering odour).

Image Source: The Indian Express

After the Israeli occupation of Palestine land, tensions are often high between both sides. In the holy month of Ramadhan, things have escalated with frequent clashes between Israel defense force and Palestine. The tensions cumulated when Israel attacked a publicaly packed Masjidil Aqsa. The protest become widespread and the Israeli force retaliated with intense military attack. The protests become widespread and after all these explicit attacks happened, Hamas is the only defense force warned the Israel to stop attacking al-Aqsa. Unfortunately, they attacked al-Aqsa twice harder than before. Israel started to play victims as if they are the one who has been attacked first and they begin bombing Gaza. On 21st of May, cease-fire was officially announced and it was a really good news to all Palestinians. Even though it is not a hundred-percent freedom for them, it is still a huge victory for the Palestinian.

Based on what’s happening in Gaza, let’s ask ourselves, how can we let someone live in his own country but at the same time is controlled by an oppressive regime? In reality, everyone knows that no one deserves to be treated in violence in their life. Gaza is still under controlled by the Israel until now. They are trapped, every movement have been regulated by the Zionist and every action that they take will scrutinised. This should not happen especially for children who will become traumatised when they are young as violence can cause depression, helplessness, and feeling numb to exposure of violence in the future.

Image Source: Al-Jazeera

We all know that this thing happens for decades but this time we can see that the whole world truly realize that this issue is really matter. The posting pressure on social medias, the solidarities in some countries such as UK, New York, Paris and other big cities and countries and even some artworks posting from local artists to show some support to Palestine has put a pressure on Israel. It may seem like a small action but sometimes the smallest of actions are the one that could give a big impact if we make it together. There’s a quote saying that ‘there will be no equity without solidarity. There will be no justice without a social movement’ by Joia Mukherjee. Please don’t let yourself becomes blind and think that one day this issue will resolve by itself and please assist in any way that you can.

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by Nur Nadhirah / 31 May 2021


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