Retailer’s Raya web film pays tribute to the deaf and mute

HOME improvement retailer Mr DIY shows its love for the deaf and mute community this Hari Raya Aidilfitri through its Kerana Azman web film.

Under the “You Share, We Donate” campaign, the web film garnered an overwhelming response among Malaysians, with 2,780 shares on social media.

The number of shares from April 30 to May 17 translated into RM2,780, which the retailer contributed to the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD).

The four-minute web film had been posted on Mr DIY’s official Facebook page during the festive period.

The short film revolves around a deaf and mute boy, Azman, who despite his impairment, selflessly helps the needy by collecting and selling recycling items to buy food for them.

After many years, the boy’s childhood friend Yusuf goes on to establish a non- governmental organisation in honour of Azman’s selfless acts.

My DIY group marketing vice- president Andy Chin said this was the third time the retailer had incorporated CSR elements into its web films, as a reminder to Malaysians to think about the underprivileged during the festive season.

“It is in our tradition to produce a meaningful story like Kerana Azman so that the underprivileged are not forgotten.

“The differently abled make up an integral part of business operations within Mr DIY,” he said.

Chin added that the company appreciated their dedication and strived to offer them equal opportunities as employees.

“We thank Malaysians for showing their love and support by sharing our Raya web film.

“Hopefully, our contribution to MFD will enable us to support its social enterprise initiative, and help them get the supplies that they require from Mr DIY while generating income for the organisation,” he added.

MFD is an authorised NGO under the Welfare Department.

Since 1997, it has been playing a role in helping to develop the deaf and mute community at national level, by providing early childhood education to children and job-readiness training for adults.

To minimise the gap between the deaf and mute community and society, the federation also offers sign language training and interpreter services to the public.

MFD currently runs a cafe to generate income in aid of the deaf and mute at Level 3A, Menara KLH in Kuala Lumpur.

Prior to this, Mr DIY produced two other web films during Chinese New Year earlier this year and Christmas in 2020 under the same “You Share, We Donate” campaign.

Both initiatives raised RM7,130 and RM4,220, respectively, in aid of the Green Pastures Senior Life Home and the Malaysia Relief Agency.


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