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Brief introduction to the PWD Development Sub-Committee The National Programmes are of great importance to MRA especially to those affected by disaster and those who are in dire need. The target groups identified are the Orang Asli, Rohingya Refugees, PWDs, homeless, poor, orphans and single mothers. PWD Development Sub-Committee started at the end of 2012, working with Persons with Physical Disabilities, Persons with Visual Disabilities, Persons with Hearing Disabilities and Persons with Learning Disabilities.

Empowering the target groups with disabilities and to make changes in society, including the environment by providing support services covering various aspects of life so that PWDs can live in equality and dignity.

Creating an inclusive society for all including the PWDs through partnership and collaboration services based in the community.

  • Identify support systems mainly based on the basic needs of the PWDs and the lack of disability issues (obstacles) faced by this group.
  • Provide facilities and services including education, rehabilitation and employment for PWDs, especially for those in the severe category (severe impairment).
  • Train efficient volunteers who are able to offer services oriented to the needs of the PWDs.
  • Smart collaboration and social network with any party or individual, including among PWDs who are involved in the development of People with Disabilities.
  • Periodic discussions with stakeholders in the development of PWDs to identify issues and formulate programmes / activities that is appropriate to current needs.
  • As a medium or platform to people with disabilities, including those directly related to the disabled as parents / guardians to highlight issues, especially in terms of facilities / services and in order to form a community that is inclusive.
  • To attract potential interest in the development PWDs from the government or the private sector to foster relations and cooperation to move the program / activities planned under this sub-committee.

Among the programmes / activities that have been carried out by PWD Development sub-committees are as follows:

  • Communication using sign language
  • Equipment support such as wheelchairs.
  • Programmes discussing methods of learning and use of technology to facilitate communication, movement etc.
  • Programmes, skills for self-reliance and recreation
  • Mosque Inclusive Programmes
  • Inclusive Volunteer Programmes
  • Hou Dousa Programmes (psycho physical rehabilitation)
  • Business recovery assistance programmes for those affected by floods

We hope that all the efforts made by the sub-committee will be supported by the various parties including the government, private and non-governmental organizations as well as individuals who have the desire to be involved in the development of people with disabilities in this country. Indeed, the efforts made by the sub-committee is complementary to the efforts that have been and are being made by many parties, especially the government to ensure that the disabled community enjoys life equal to the effort of the basic rights (right base) as clearly stated in the OKU Act 2008.

Gratitude goes to all those who have been and will be involved together with the sub-committee to plan and implement programmes / activities that lead to the empowerment of PWDs (self empowerment) and social enablement contained in the Twin Track Approach which is one of the most effective strategy for the development of the PWD community in a country.