RM 150,000.00 Needed Donation


In 2009, there were about 40 students in the school and now there are 91 students. The motto is “With Effort, We Will Succeed” is a reflection of the refugees children themselves who want to work even if they were forced to become refugees or see protection in a different country, then atleast they will be prepared to take on new challenges in basic education.
Formal education is applied as soon as possible in the hope that some of these children can continue their studies at the university level or atleast be able to read well, so that they can understand what they are signing. Among the lessons carried out are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science and co – curiculum such as art clkasses, Islamic education and so on.
Rohingya Community School is fully managed by MRA with five (5) full – time teachers, headed by a headmaster. A sub – commitee of Parents & Teachers was also set up so that parents and teachers will work together to ease, lighten and help in the implementation of the curriculum, co – curriculum, character buliding and culture of the school.
Rohingya Community School was established since 2009 in Kampung Cheras Baru, Kuala lumpur. In the beginning, this school operates as a religious school and later it became a regular education school.
The establishment aims to provide oppoturnities for Rohingya refugees children in Malaysia to prepare for the realities of life and the challenges of today’s world. MRA’s involvement in education is as early as the establishment of MRA itself. The continuous running of the school till this day is made possible due to the generous and continuous contribution of donors.

Mohd Rezaidi Mohd Ishak

Head Teacher (Science & English)
Wan Nur Alia Wan Ahmad Hifni

Teacher (Bahasa Malaysia)
Abdul Fattah Mohamad

Teacher (Mathematics)
Muhammad Hariff Kamaruddin

Teacher (Rohingya Language)
Hamidullah Dudumiya

Teacher (Myanmar Language)
Sirajul Shah Muhammmad Yunus

Convention On The Rights Of The Child (United Nation)
Article 28 (Education)

The right of the child to primary education, secondary education, including general and vocational education, accessible to all on the basis of capacity by every appropriate means and the reduction of drop – out rates.

Article 29 (Education Aims)
Develop the child’s personality, talents, mental and physicology abalities to their fullest potential, respect for the child’s parents, know his or her own cultural identity, language and values, expose and understand the national values of the country in which the child is living, the country from which he or she mate originate, and the different of civilisations from his or her own.

Rohingya refugees children are entitled to have a basic education as other children. MRA needs funds to finance the cost of education consisting of teaching materials, stationery, teacher’s salaries and providing school facilities in order to have a reasonable and comfortable educational environment.

Address :
10A & 10B, Jalan 18, Off Jalan Kuari, 43200 Kampung Cheras Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone :

+6013 – 435 7272 (Ms. Wan Nur Alia Wan Ahmad Hifni – Head Teacher)

+6011 – 612 46434 (Mr. Abdul Fattah Mohamad (Teacher)

+6017 – 656 3795 (Mr. Muhammad Hariff Kamaruddin (Teacher)

Email :