MRA opens Child and Women Trauma Care Center

Press Statement
Malaysian Relief Agency

October 11, 2018

MRA opens Child and Women Trauma Care Center.

The Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) will open a child and women’s activity center in Tondo Region, South Palu, Sulawesi, focusing on medical assistance and trauma healing to those affected by the disaster, especially for children and women.

Hence, the first batch of MRA medical teams will be flown to Palu on October 15, 2018, to provide health care and treatment for this trauma. The medical team consists of 2 doctors, a pharmacist two nurses and 2 general volunteers.

The Children’s and Women’s Center will be held, centered on a temporary evacuation area comprising dozens of tent camps that house 200 families. They could not return to their home due to a badly damaged residential home as a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck Sulawesi on a day-to-day basis.

The fears and trauma surrounding this child, have had a negative impact on their psychology and emotions. Planned activities such as health programs, education, games, singing, and storytelling will help children temporarily divert their attention.

In addition, MRA will implement the clean water relief program which is indispensable for the residents here for the purpose of drinking, hygiene and performing worship. The MRA will provide 15 water tanks each with a capacity of 5,000 liters that can accommodate the needs of this temporary settlement for 2 weeks.

Other needs such as food aid, infant milk, disposable baby diapers, sanitary napkins, and health kit are also very much needed to be distributed to victims.

MRA welcomes donations to the ‘Sulawesi Earthquake Fund for Humanitarian Fund’ to assist victims affected by the disaster. The contributions of Malaysians can be made via Public Bank 39885 91608 account under the name Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation.
For more information, please call +60 13 455 7020 (Mohd Fadhil Baharudin) or +60 3 9174 4672 (MRA Office).

Dr. Shahrizal Azwan Bin Samsudin,
The Secretary-General,
Malaysian Relief Agency