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Qurban Terbaik MRA (The Best Qurban) 1439H / 2018M

Press Statement
Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)
Kuala Lumpur


The celebration of Aidiladha is the second largest Muslim festival after Aidilfitri in Malaysia. This celebration is based on the life of Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalam and his son Ismail Alaihissalam who showed the true meaning of the great sacrifice or taqwa. His sincerity, perseverance, and trust in Allah’s command is a great example to all Muslims around the world.

Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) offers 5 campaign packages for the Best Qurban 1439H to help those who require help in 14 countries. A total number of 35,000 people from poor families have benefited from the effort each year. Each Qurban participant can select to do their qurban in the country (from the 5 packages) of their choice.

For example, in package A, the participant can pay for a portion of the cow from as low as RM 350 in the Arakan district of Myanmar. It is a Rohingya Muslim community that is still under strict control by the Myanmar regime since the onset of a bloody conflict. The result of Aidiladha’s Qurban contribution will ease the burden of the Muslim population there because of their limited food sources.

MRA will also focus on the Best Qurban program in several countries that are continuously threatened by conflicts of distress such as Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and Bangladesh. In addition to being threatened by hunger, refugees in the country are threatened with water shortage and health problems.

In addition to the Qurban, MRA also embraces the participation of aqiqah to as low as RM 500 for a goat.

For those interested in participating in the Best Qurban 1439H, please contact MRA at 03-9174 4672/013 337 1672 or visit the Malaysian Relief Agency www.mra.my or facebook for more information.

Dr. Shahrizal Azwan Bin Samsudin

Secretary-General of MRA